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Food is something that brings people together. People everywhere love food and many are always trying hard to introduce innovative culinary ideas and bring the most delicious recipes to the table. One such food group that dramatically improves the taste, texture and aroma of various recipes are dry fruits. Among dry fruits, Cashews are one superfood that not only lends an outstanding taste to recipes but also imparts nutritional quality to the cooked dishes. High in fibre, protein, vitamins, potassium and mono-unsaturated fat, Cashews are beneficial when consumed in moderate amount in the form of healthy snacks or as a part of wholesome meals. We, Maa Padmalaya Cashew, bring for Cashew lovers around the market a wide variety in this dry fruit. We share our passion for good food and good recipes as a market leading manufacturer, with our hand sorted collection of W320 Cashew Nut, W240 Cashew Nut, W180 Cashew Nut and W210 Cashew Nut.
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Our Facilities

We are proud of the fact that we prioritize home grown products and extend support to Indian famers with our business.

Our Team

We in our business are supported and strengthened by the combined expertise and calibre of a great team.

Quality Excellence

In a matter of a year, we have surged ahead in business with our commitment to quality excellence.

Why Choose Us?

A few reasons empowering our Cashew processing and supply business are:
  • We have our own processing plants where a team works around the clock to keep us ahead of the curve.
  • We have a large network, both locally and nationally, which gives us the flexibility of taking and fulfilling orders on time, from anywhere in India.
  • We operate to the highest industry standards, be it during the stage of processing, storage or product packaging.
  • We harness on the insights and research works of our team and keep pace with changes of the food industry for improving our business.
  • Everything from Cashew Nut roasting, blending to packing of the nuts is done by a trained team.
  • We always deliver the speed, and timely dispatch well-packed products, as expected from a market leading supplier like us.
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