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Our Facilities

If you are a Cashew lover, we are sure that you would find the quality and variety you are looking for, as we cultivate Cashews like W210 Cashew Nut, W320 Cashew Nut, etc., only in deep and well drained sandy loams following good plantation practices. There is no water logging at our orchards and everything is keenly supervised by our plantation managers. Besides, we keep a check on the overall cultivation quality and use farmyard manure and compost of the best grades so that our Cashew trees thrive and give optimum yield.

Our Team

It is from where we get the confidence to assure quality in our products. We have appointed like-minded client-focused people who know their jobs and are assessed through stringent service parameters so that they always manage giving their best. We also remain focused on training them so that we live up to our repute of being one of the best W210 Cashew Nut and W320 Cashew Nut manufacturers and suppliers in the Indian market.

Quality Excellence 

As per our standard quality protection procedures, we do strict auditing of our produced range to ensure each nut is of the highest quality standard. Various tests are done by our skilled quality team, including a range of analytical and sensory testing. Cashews are evaluated on kernel size, texture, shape, etc. Products without any insect damage, excessive moisture content or rancid smell are revaluated on other parameters before delivery. We also make sure that during delivery, loading operations of well-packed products in dry and closed containers are handled with absolute care as a part of our quality assurance strategy.

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